Creative Uses For Concrete In Your Garden

Concrete has long been used in the construction business because of its durability, and also its ease of use. What most people don’t realize is just how many needs in the garden that concrete products can fill.

Worse still-many people see concrete only as a dull and lifeless looking gray material. This couldn’t be further from the truth, with a large variety of colored stains that can be applied to the concrete before it is sealed, not to mention the paints that can give deep or bright colors. This can provide a number of warm and beautiful finishes that are as natural, or modern as you wish. So what can be made from molded concrete?

A footpath can be constructed from rough, pre-cast concrete slabs but these generally are a little dull. A more interesting design can be crafted using molded concrete, with any number of patterns or shapes.

Stepping stones are an interesting alternative to the traditional path. When made from uneven stone, a good and usable result can be hard to achieve. Using molded concrete stones instead provides a reliable result that can be stained to look like natural stone, whilst still allowing for an even and walkable finish.

A bird bath may be a beautiful addition to a garden, bringing pleasure to any bird watcher. It too can benefit from concrete construction and our molds ensure that it is both functional and sturdy, whilst being as attractive as possible. A concrete bird bath may last you for many years.

Lawn edging is commonly use to prevent a sculpted lawn edge from collapsing, and reduces the maintenance needed. Is it often made from plastic, which can become brittle over time and with exposure to sunlight. Made from concrete instead, it can be any color that you choose, and will outlive any plastic edging.

These features, crafted in concrete are available to both the home user and for commercial use with molds from They are especially suited for commercial use because of their durability, with features that are not found on any other commercial mold. The supporting legs are made of metal rather than wood, making them stronger and longer lasting as they won’t rot with frequent moisture exposure, and the bolts that close the mold are larger than average. Combined with wing nuts this makes them very easy to open and close.

The materials used to make these molds are second to none in quality. Using a combination of ABS plastic that is virgin-not ground down and used again-and a thick liner of Cementex latex where applicable, make these molds long lasting-ideal for commercial use.

The final consideration is the designs that we offer. Nowhere else will you find such up to date, unique designs that will help your garden or your business stand out from the crowd. This virtually eliminates the competition, since no one else will be selling what you are selling.

So whether it is for personal or for commercial use that you are choosing concrete molds, you can do no better than to look to where only the best is sold.

All You Need To Know About Recessed Lighting Trim

One of the most important aspects of home design and decoration is lighting. Lighting can accentuate architectural faces, artwork or other objects providing the home owner has the right plan in place for lighting. Different colors and types of lighting can easily create different ambiances and modes in the home and property. Recessed Lighting offers a great way of doing that.
The basic format for recessed lighting has grown over the years into an array of styles, colors and sizes that make it easier than ever to be used by architects, builders and home owners to improve the design of a home.
There are virtually no limitations as to what recessed lighting trim can be used for. It can create custom look and feels matching whatever decor the home owner has in mind.
What you need to know about recessed lighting trim is that it can be matched to your decorating scheme in addition to the functionality you need for the particular room in your home in which it is installed. Several kinds of recessed lighting trim are available such as:
Open trims – This is the basic style of recessed lighting that consists of a simple trim around the opening of your lighting assembly. This trim can come in a variety of colors and finishes.
Reflector trims do exactly what the name implies. They use surfaces that reflect light to act as a mirror. They are best applied to work areas in the house and property such as home offices, the kitchen area or workspace in a garage.
Architectural trims – Some homes have specific design elements that require a more custom look for recessed lighting. What you need to know about recessed lighting trim in this instance is that you can find certain custom architectural looks through a variety of sources or even contract for a made to order one.
Baffle trims on the other hand are used in situations where a beam of light should be pointed in a specific direction. This is being achieved by reflectors that are located inside the lighting fixture that bundle and direct the light. They also reduce the glare of light that is normally emitting from the fixtures.
Adjustable trims which are also called directional trims are very versatile trims that can be used for all kinds of purposes. The direction of the lighting beam can be adjusted so that it can point at specific areas of a room to accentuate them.
Additional recessed lighting trims are available including glass trims, pinhole trims, wall wash trims, shower trims or diffuser trims each designed for a specific purpose. Many options are available when selecting recessed lighting trims.

The Hobby Farm Concept

The concept of a small hobby farm does not exclude responsibility. Small hobby farming takes an investment of time spent both on the farm itself and on gaining the knowledge you must have to properly maintain it. You have to read and research to properly understand care techniques for the animals you decide to take on. Understand the commitment you are taking on beforehand, and understand that it is a fair amount of work.

Knowledge is Power

Small hobby farming teaches you another outlook on life, hard work, and principals. In some situations, you should talk to professional farmers to gather a professional perspective on what, to them, are common tasks. It is important not to incur debt over small hobby farms since these farms aren’t meant to provide an income or wealth. They are for enjoyment purposes only.

DIY Finance My Fun

A small hobby farm can be claimed on your tax return so that you can get back much of what you invest into it. As long as you properly note and keep track of your expenses, you can claim them on your taxes and legally get a lot of it back. Understand the fine lines, and do not abuse the system, because the government tends to bite back hard when you do not respect their laws. The expense claim on a tax return is to help you provide for the hobby, not pay for it and give you an income just for being a nice person.

This is a serious business

A small hobby farm should be approached seriously. It can grant a lot of fun and a feeling of pride and accomplishment, but if you have a very busy life and cannot commit to the minimal standards, you shouldn’t attempt this. There are a lot of provisions that one has to consider, and every process has its own ways to handle it properly. It would be a mistake to overlook the obvious and not take the tasks as seriously as they should be taken. Remember this is the income and food supply for your family.

Having an alternate way of providing for you family will help you feel more secure financially. It will offer you a sense of well-being to know this is something you did with the family for the family. Although, if you are a single person running a hobby farm this can be just a self rewarding to you as well.

Brisbane home-builder reveals innovative new home design

Award-winning Brisbane based home builders Indigo Homes have made building on acreage a whole lot easier with the release of their innovative new home design, -The Kube.’

Specifically designed with versatility in mind, with plenty of floor plan variations to suit all aspects and most acreage blocks, the design has been heralded as -the Rubix cube of new home design.’

-The Kube was designed in a series of eight blocks that can be flipped and interchanged to create your dream home,- says Chris La Franchi, Director of Indigo Homes.

-The Kube is perfect for acreage sites because it lets you take advantage of different aspects and allows you freedom of choice in design without making major changes to the shape of the house itself.-

La Franchi says that idea for The Kube came after recognising that no one home design or layout would suit everyone.

-Some people want to take advantage of different views and outlooks on their property, and the Kube finally answers that need.-

With eight different floor plans and eight different facades, The Kube is one design that can be modified in many different ways.

All of the main living and private areas in The Kube can be flipped and changed to take advantage of views on site, no matter where they are.

The Kube is an addition to the award-winning Sierra Range at Indigo Homes. Perfectly designed for acreage living, the Sierra Range has won several awards, including the QMBA President’s Award in 2006.

Plans for The Kube will be released in May.

For more information about -The Kube’ please contact Chris La Franchi of Indigo Homes on (07) 3370 6000 or visit the Indigo Homes website –

Add Some Spice To Your Home Decor With Southwestern Style Decorating

In the 1980s, a Southwestern decor craze swept the United States, bringing the look of this unique slice of the American frontier into homes from Oregon to Maine and beyond. While the howling pink coyote that characterized that trend has since been relegated to the dustbin of design history, an updated, sophisticated look that combines unique ethnic and cultural elements with a more contemporary decor approach has emerged as a more refined alternative for lovers of Southwest style.

Across the board, the kitschy interpretation of regional trends that characterized home design in past years has been discarded in favor of a more subtle evocation of the unique attributes that make places like the Southwest so irresistible.

Gone are the chili lights and cow skulls that represented clumsy attempts at Southwestern decor in the past. Todays sophisticated alternative combines contemporary and transitional furniture and design elements with a subtle Southwestern palette and unique, understated ethnic touches.

Shimmering shades of light teals and turquoises, coral, terra cotta and adobe-inspired tans provide the backdrop for eclectic furniture with distressed finishes and primitive details. Bold accent colors drawn from the dramatic natural palette of the desert Southwest are also important.

Art, accessories, and accents bring a lively sense of place to Southwestern interiors. Paintings, pottery, and sculptures featuring Hispanic or Native American themes and subjects are common, as are indigenous pottery and artifacts.

Roughly textured fabrics and textiles also provide a level of heightened authenticity in this decor style. Architectural details that mirror those found in many traditional Southwestern dwellings, such as arches, kiva fireplaces, and plastered walls, can also help complete this look.

Window treatments should be minimal, drawing on natural materials or regional textiles whenever possible. Whether you want to honor your Southwestern heritage or you just crave a little extra spice in your life, Southwestern decor presents an easy-to-achieve alternative to ho-hum interiors.